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New SAMHSA Publication: A Practical Guide to Psychiatric Advance Directives

Publication Date: Apr 19, 2019

A psychiatric or mental health advance directive (PAD) is a legal tool that allows a person with mental illness to state their preferences for treatment in advance of a crisis. They can serve as a way to protect a person’s autonomy and ability to self-direct care. They are similar to living wills and other medical advance planning documents used in palliative care.

SAMHSA has recently released A Practical Guide to Psychiatric Advance Directives in its Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center. The report provides background and practical information to those interested in promoting the use of PADs as a tool for promoting self-directed care in psychiatric treatment, making progress toward parity in mental health treatment. It also supports crisis planning and the rights of persons who live with mental illness. 

Screenshot of SAMHSA resourcePlease click HERE for the document.