Eating Disorders Series. Part 2: Symptom Substitution, Trauma and the Hidden Addiction of Eating Disorders

11:00am - March 4, 2021 | Timezone: US/Eastern
Collaborating TTC: Central East MHTTC
Registration Deadline: March 4, 2021
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Over 30 million people in the US struggle with disordered eating. It is important that clinical providers and community leaders be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of eating disorders to get more individuals the support they need and help reduce the stigma around eating disorders. Experts from Rock Recovery, a DC Metro area-based nonprofit that supports the journey to freedom from disordered eating through affordable clinical recovery and community empowerment programs, will lead this webinar series.

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Meredith Riddick, LPC, CEDS-S is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Eating Disorders Specialist-Supervisor who primarily treats eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, and relationship issues. With over a decade of experience as a therapist, Meredith has accrued an impressive resume of specialties, presentations and a variety of highly individualized services to her clientele. In addition to her clinical work, she provides supervision for therapists seeking certification as eating disorder specialists. Meredith completed her undergraduate work at Baylor University and went on to receive her Master’s degree through Texas Tech University.

Christie Dondero Bettwy is the Executive Director of Rock Recovery. Prior to becoming a Rock team staff member in 2013, she worked for Habitat for Humanity in Charlotte, NC and as a consultant with PwC in Washington, D.C. Having gone through recovery herself, Christie understands the depth of support needed to recover and is passionate about spreading the message that complete freedom from an eating disorder is possible. 


Series Learning Objectives:

  • Provide an introduction to understanding the presentation and process of diagnosing eating disorders as well as information about the prevalence of eating disorders in minority communities
  • Identify the role of trauma, anxiety, and cultural messages in the development of eating disorders, and outline various trauma-informed interventions used in the treatment of eating disorders
  • Provide illustrations and an overview of how shame surrounding eating disorders presents in faith-based settings and outline strategies and best practices for removing mental health stigma and caring for congregants - mind, body and spirit


Who Should Attend?
Behavioral health care professionals, medical professionals, faith leaders and clergy, and community advocates.


Eating Disorders Series

February 25, 2021
Part 1: Marginalized Voices - Understanding the Presentation and Prevalence of Eating Disorders 
11:00am—12:00pm EST

March 4, 2021
Part 2: Symptom Substitution, Trauma and the Hidden Addiction of Eating Disorders 
11:00am—12:00pm EST

March 11, 2021
Part 3: Breaking through Shame - How Faith Communities Can Remove Mental Health Stigma and Support those with Eating Disorders
11:00am—12:00pm EST



Certificates of attendance will be available to viewers of 50% (30 minutes) or more of each live webinar (via email within 30 business days post-event). CEUs are not offered for this session. Webinar slide presentations and recordings will be posted to the website.