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Barreras en los Servicios de Salud Mental de la Comunidad Trans, Cuir y No Binarie

En este webinar comenzamos conociendo los conceptos básicos de la comunidad LGBT. Además, nos adentramos al contexto psicosocial de la comunidad

Tailoring Treatment for Gender and Sexually Diverse Latinx Youth with Suicidal Behaviors

This online session provides to mental health providers information about a tailored CBT for Latinx youths. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Building Skills for Cross-Cultural Communication and Resilience During COVID-19

Original Webinar Date: 06/22/2020 Sometimes a change agent is a team on a mission. Sometimes a change agent is an event or condition. COVID-19

Barriers in Mental Health Services for Trans, Queer and Non-binary Latinx Communities

This webinar will start defining the basic concepts that comprehend the LGBTQ+ community. These concepts will set the tone to understand how