W.A.I.T. What Am I Thinking? Getting to the “Root” of the Problem!

12:00pm - June 8, 2023 thru 1:30pm - June 8, 2023 | Timezone: US/Eastern
Great Lakes MHTTC
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Our perceptions determine our reality! Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Do you ever ask, “Why can’t they just be normal … like me?” We see everything through a lens of both personality perspectives and environmental perspectives. We will discuss how to be aware of our own blind spots that might keep us from connecting with others. We will break down barriers to trust and how our own perceptions play a significant role in how we interact with others, including youth and families in education settings. When we realize that people don’t do things to you, they do things for themselves, we reduce anxiety and stress in our own life. By strengthening metacognition skills, you can also increase a person’s self-awareness, self-reliance, flexibility, and productivity, as well as reduce their anxiety and enhance their focus. Join us for this fun, interactive experience!




Participants will:

  • Learn approaches to consider the “root of the problem” rather than evaluating the situation by the visible behavior.
  • Explore metacognition tools for self-regulation, problem solving, and expressing feelings.
  • Assist youth and families in identifying and connecting the major pieces of life's puzzle to improve relationships and strengthen families.
  • Understand how different personalities process trauma and the various ways trauma can present in youth.




Registrants who fully attend this event or training will receive a certificate of attendance via email within two weeks after the event or training. 




Rick Hollering

Rick Hollering is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant who for the last 30 years has been helping others maximize their potential and productivity. His goal has been to study human behavior while identifying and breaking barriers to change. With a background as a corporate trainer and business consultant, Rick used his experience training corporations, business leaders, sports teams, and professionals as a foundation to work with youth. He has created two workshops, “Understanding Group Dynamics” and “Connecting with Others,” to train and equip youth leaders and mentors to be more effective in reaching youth and families.


The Great Lakes A/MH/PTTC is offering this training for individuals working in HHS Region 5: IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI. This training is being provided in response to a need identified by Region 5 stakeholders.