State Mental Health Profile Ohio

Columbus, OH
Columbus, OH.  Photo credit: iStock

Mental Health Infrastructure

Ohio has a county-operated, state supervised behavioral health system in a “home rule” state where local behavioral health tax levies provide additional resources for recovery supports in most communities.

Ohio Association of Behavioral Health Authorities

The Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers

Ohio Technical Assistance Centers

Center for Evidence-Based Practices
Case Western University

BeST Center
ortheast Ohio University College of Medicine

NEOMED Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence

NEOMED Ohio Program for Campus Safety and Mental Health

Ohio Data Related Resources

OHIO 2015 Mental Health National Outcome Measures (NOMS)

10/28OhioMHAS: Mental Health, Suicidal Ideation, and Opioid Use Disorders Among Hispanic and Latinos in Ohio (2018)

SAMHSA: Behavioral Health Barometer Ohio, Volume 4

Other State Mental Health Resources

National Alliance on Mental Illness Ohio

Mental Health America of Franklin County

Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky & Southwest Ohio

Mental Health America of Licking County


Ohio School-based Resources

Start Talking-Ohio Drug-free Program

School-Based Health Care Support Kit-Ohio

Project AWARE Ohio

School and Community Continuum of Services--Interactive Map

Miami University Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs


Ohio State Mental Health Profile Overview 

This one-page (two-sided) informational document gives an overview of the Ohio state mental health infrastructure, funding and major conferences in 2019.  Effective March 2019.  

Download from our Products and Resources Catalog: State Mental Health Profile 2019-Ohio