State Mental Health Profile Wisconsin

Madison WI
State St. view of the Capitol, Madison, WI.  Photo credit: iStock 

Mental Health Infrastructure

The Division of Care and Treatment Services (DCTS) in the Department of Health Services (DHS) is the designated State Mental Health Authority (SMHA) and Single State Agency (SSA) for substance use disorder.

State Councils

Wisconsin Council on Mental Health (WCMH)

State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (SCAODA)

Contacts in the Department of Human Services

The Division of Care and Treatment Services

The Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health

The Division of Quality Assurance

Advocacy Organizations

Disability Rights Wisconsin

NAMI Wisconsin

Mental Health America of Wisconsin

Grassroots Empowerment Project

Wisconsin Family Ties

Wisconsin Independent Living Network

Provider Organizations

Wisconsin County Human Services Association

Wisconsin Association of Family and Children’s Agencies 

Wisconsin Hospital Association

School-Based Resources 

Wisconsin School Mental Health Framework

School Mental Health Needs Assessment

School Mental Health Planning Template 

Suicide Prevention Strategy 

Wisconsin Safe and Healthy Schools Center – Training and Technical Assistance  

Wisconsin State Mental Health Profile Overview 

This one-page (two-sided) informational document gives an overview of the Wisconsin state mental health infrastructure, funding, and major conferences in 2019.  Effective March 2019. 

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