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Gender-Affirming Practices in Primary Care

12:00pm - June 7, 2022 thru 1:00pm - June 7, 2022 | Timezone: US/Central
Mid-America MHTTC
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Tele-Behavioral Health Consultation (TBHC) Primary Care Webinar Series



  • Discuss research on the mental health benefits of affirming children's gender identities. 
  • Describe what the affirmative model looks like in the psychology practice. 
  • Discuss key considerations in helping children make decisions about their ultimate gender. 


Learning objectives: 

  • Defining terms - learning gender terminology
  • Theoretical basis and tenants of gender affirmative model 
  • Medical interventions available to transitioning youth 
  • Learn about effective strategies and engagement of affirmative practice
  • Increasing the clinical and cultural competence of psychologists and allied mental health professionals who will be treating transgender and gender expansive children and youth 


Presented by: Andrea Garcia, MA, MS, PLMHP

Andrea Garcia, MA, MS, PLMHPAndrea Garcia, MA, MS, PLMHP is a predoctoral intern in the Munroe-Meyer Institute Department of Psychology at UNMC. Andrea provides services in the Sleep and Primary Care Clinic. Andrea is a doctoral graduate student from the University of Kansas, School Psychology Program. Andrea’s dissertation research is focused on the neurocognitive outcomes of children prenatally exposed to opioids. Her research has been presented in the state capital research summit and a grant from the Children’s Miracle Network. Andrea’s clinical experience has ranged from working with children with severe emotional disturbances to children with chronic sleep problems. At the end of her clinical rotation at Munroe Meyer Institute, Andrea will pursue a post-doc in pediatric psychology focused on actively promoting the health and psychological well-being of children with complex medical conditions and their families.