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Burnout Busters: The Podcast concludes with sixth episode on trauma

Publication Date: Jun 04, 2021

Editors' Note: This story ran in our June newsletter, published June 4.


In May, we released our sixth and final episode of Burnout Busters: The Podcast, featuring an interview with host Hannah West, PhD, LP, who talks about her work with trauma patients and with organizations on addressing trauma among caregivers, prior to and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll learn how to recognize trauma and take steps to respond to its symptoms, and how the “do no harm” tenet of the Hippocratic oath applies to health workers in addition to their subjects.


Binge-listen all six episodes using the links below, or find us on your favorite podcast platform.


Episode 6

When empathy becomes too much: How crises translate to trauma and what to do about it

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Episode 5

Don't go it alone: Meaningful connections can help you through tough times

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Episode 4

Be here now: Integrating mindfulness into your daily life with ease

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Episode 3

Calibrating your life compass: How values can orient you toward well-being

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Episode 2

When self-care isn't enough: Why we need organizations to tackle well-being

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Episode 1

We are not robots: How stress is core to being human and ways we can work with it during tough times

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