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Coming Home webinars to cover workplace, individual well-being

Publication Date: Apr 01, 2021

Editors' Note: This story ran in our April newsletter, published April 1.


In April and May, our Coming Home to Primary Care: Pediatric Integrated Health series will cover a hot topic in today's discourse: well-being.


Mid-America MHTTC specialists on April 30 will describe the structures that a workplace such as an integrated care clinic needs in order to foster a culture of well-being. On May 28, we will cover strategies for developing a strong sense of individual well-being.


Read on for details about April's webinar, Organizational Well-Being. You can register for this webinar here.




Organizational well-being has been misunderstood historically and may be conflated with personal/professional well-being and “self-care.” Therefore, it is important to reconcile professional and organizational well-being and to understand the ways in which these two concepts are complementary. Broadly, there are three main components of organizational well-being: leadership, climate, and culture. Each of these can be broken down into various subdomains. Leadership involves setting policy and distributing leadership. Climate involves the structures in place within an organization to support well-being. Culture involves the ways in which people actually behave in the organization, including efficiency and available support. Finally, we will discuss some examples of ways in which these goals have been or could be implemented within the integrated primary care setting.


Learning Objectives:

  • Describe organizational well-being, including how it is different from and related to professional well-being.
  • Explain the main characteristics/factors/qualities of organizational well-being.
  • Discuss exemplar implementation strategies that could be applied to the integrated primary care setting.


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