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MPS behavior coach training shifts online, emphasizes self-care amid COVID-19 pandemic

Publication Date: May 06, 2020


Editors' Note: This story ran in our May newsletter, published May 6.


The Mid-America MHTTC's April 16 training of behavioral health providers at Millard Public Schools had to quickly shift gears after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the trainees out of their respective schools.


“The pandemic put all of our planning and resources to the test with how best to meet the mental and behavioral health needs of students and families,” said Brandy Clarke, Ph.D., LP, project director of the Mid-America MHTTC. “No one was prepared for this, but we saw great efforts to rally together to address these needs."


Rather than continuing with previously scheduled training on tiered problem-solving, trainers Erika Franta, PhD, and Mindy Chadwell, PhD, focused upon self-care and teaming in light of the new treatment landscape. Attendees shared their experiences facing new challenges, including reaching children and their families at home and managing working and parenting full-time.


“I think a lot of grace just has to be spread around, and a lot of things we have to give up and say, ‘I’m doing the best I can, and this too shall pass,’” Lisa Meister, school counselor at Kiewit Middle School, said during the training.