Learning Community Illustration

Nine teams accepted into Mid-America School Mental Health Learning Community

Publication Date: Jan 06, 2020

Editors' Note: This story ran in our January newsletter, published Jan. 6.


In early December, the Mid-America MHTTC selected nine teams from schools and districts in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska to participate in our inaugural Regional School Mental Health Learning Community beginning this month.


The Learning Community, conducted in partnership with the National Center on School Mental Health, will provide participants the opportunity for intensive coaching from our MHTTC team and national experts on how to implement comprehensive school mental health programming within their districts.


The training series is comprised of four virtual learning sessions on how to develop comprehensive school mental health programming, as well as one-day, in-person workshops to be scheduled toward the end of the program.


The Learning Community also establishes a channel of communication among participants to encourage regional collaboration on efforts to improve mental health outcomes.


"This allows them the opportunity to learn from peers who are engaged in the same process," said Co-Project Director Brandy Clarke, Ph.D.