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Trauma-informed practices series begins Aug. 17

Publication Date: Aug 04, 2022


Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices in Pediatric Integrated Primary Care is a four-part virtual series that provides information on traumatic life experiences, how they affect children, and how providers can use trauma-informed principles in their practice. Continuing education credits will be available. 


Topics include: 

  • Principles of Trauma-Informed Care for Health Care Organizations (Aug. 17)
    • Exposure to traumatic and stressful events can impact the physical and mental health as well as overall well-being of families and providers of primary care. This 1-hour webinar will define and explore the impacts of trauma and ways health care organizations can provide trauma-informed care.

  • Screening and Assessing for Trauma in Primary Care (Sept. 21)
    • Primary care can serve as a key entry point for children exposed to trauma to receive access to mental health services. This 1-hour webinar with discuss the use of trauma assessments in primary care and strategies to implement screening and overcome possible barriers.

  • Screening and Assessing for Trauma with Children That Have Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (Oct. 19)
    • Children with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) are more likely to experience traumatic events and it is important to understand the impact of trauma of these children. This 1-hour webinar will define and explore trauma-informed care with children with IDD and ways to screen these children for trauma in primary care settings.

  • Reporting and Documentation of Trauma Disclosure (Nov. 16)
    • This 1-hour webinar will help professionals in primary care understand how to identify and respond to concerns of suspected child abuse or neglect keeping a trauma focused approach. There will also be a thorough review of the process of making a report and services provided at a child advocacy center.


Learn more about the series: Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices in Pediatric Integrated Primary Care