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Tune In: New Mid-America MHTTC podcast episodes

Publication Date: Jul 01, 2022


Here at the Mid-America MHTTC, we love a good podcast -- so much so that you'll often find our team members stepping in front of the mic as featured guests! Here's a few of our latest podcast features: 


  • HealthTeamWorks Chat: Conversations on How to Make Health(Care) Work

    • Dr. Holly Roberts was featured on the episode "Behavioral Health Integration," where she chatted about integrating behavioral health into primary care. Listen here. 


  • Transforming Education: Leadership Lessons

    • Trainer Jessica Christensen spoke on Northwestern College's podcast in the episode "Building Mental Health Support with Jessica Christensen." In the podcast she discussed the power of restorative work, and shared her passion for school mental health. Listen here. 


  • Mid-America MHTTC Minute
    • Our own Mid-America MHTTC podcasts are back! In the latest episodes of the Mid-America MHTTC Minute, you'll find interviews with upcoming webinar guests. Listen to our most recent episode on social impact and remote learning here