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Ag State of Mind Podcast Ep 88 - Dr. Holly Roberts - University of Nebraska Medical Center
June 15, 2021

Mid-America MHTTC trainer Holly Roberts, PhD, LP, sits down with Jason Medows of Ag State of Mind to talk about rural mental health and telehealth.

Episode description:

Back to interview podcasts today. A few months ago, Elizabeth Lewan from American Psychological Association reached out to me regarding the impact COVID has had on America’s farmers. She put me in contact with Dr. Holly Roberts from the Psychology Department at University of Nebraska Medical Center. Holly and I chatted about her background in a farming community and how getting mental health care treatment into farming communities is often a challenge. We discuss that although COVID is a challenge, it also produced the opportunity to showcase that Telehealth can really work. I am very flattered that APA reached out to me and put me in touch with Holly. I’m also quite impressed that APA is recognizing this need and is going to work on it. To get in contact with Holly send her a message at

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