Stress Management for Educators

1:00pm - August 18, 2022 thru 2:00pm - August 18, 2022 | Timezone: US/Mountain
Mountain Plains MHTTC
Registration Deadline: August 18, 2022
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Being an educator is hard. Learn how to manage stress and use it for good. 

Event Description

Join fellow educators for this session on stress management.  Together, we will explore both the benefits and harmful effects of stress.  More importantly, we will discuss how to cope with stress and become more resilient!


Geoff Gaukler












Geoff Gaukler started in the field of education more than 25 years ago as a middle school math and social studies teacher.  He became a school counselor after spending more than a decade in the classroom.  After serving as a middle school and high school counselor for many years, Geoff went on to become the mental health coordinator for Grand Forks Public Schools in Grand Forks, ND.  Now, he is prepared to put his professional counseling license to use and will begin the next chapter of his career as a mental health provider at the Northern Prairie Community Clinic on the University of North Dakota campus.  Geoff and his wife, Monte, have a blended family with five children.