Colorado Building "Ideal Mental Health System"

Publication Date: Mar 29, 2022

Dr. Morgan Medlock is now Colorado's first commissioner of behavioral health. She is leading the charge on Colorado's focus to streamline mental health resources becoming more accessible for all citizens to have. 

Dr. Medlock said that her "first priority is making sure people know where to go for treatment, which requires help from libraries, homeless shelters, doctor’s offices and more. We have got to have a strong front door to treatment, a single door of entry, and we’ve got to develop that through unique avenues. As we think about what this front door looks like, it will have a digital component where people can get help. You need to know that you can walk into certain places, whether it be shelters or libraries, schools, and receive help and guidance into accessing those resources. We need to combine the digital solutions with the human solutions.”

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