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MHTTC Teams to Present at the National Association for Rural Mental Health Conference

Publication Date: Aug 12, 2019

Mountain Plains Mental Health Technology Transfer Center team members will be attending and presenting at the National Association for Rural Mental Health (NARMH) Conference, August 2019. Each year, NARHM hosts a conference focusing on rural and frontier mental health practice, social services, research, and public policy issues. The NARMH Annual conference brings together rural clinicians, administrators, consumers, researchers, and policy-makers. Participants’ learn about national issues and trends; develop new knowledge and skills; hear perspectives from rural consumers and advocates; and are provided with updates on the latest in research, practice and policy.

This year, Moutain Plains MHTTC team members will also be presenting! Presentations include:

Supervision Workshop
Presenters: Bill Baerentzen, PhD, CRC, LMHP; Claudia Zundel, Christine Chasek, Ph.D., LIMHP, LADC
This is a collaboration between the Mountain Plains MHTTC and the Mid-America MHTTC. Designed for a wide variety of disciplines, current or aspiring supervisors will learn about several topics, including effectively forming and using case conceptualization and making your supervision trauma informed, and clinical supervision of persons with lived experience with a rural focus.

Introducing the MHTTC: A New Workforce Development Resource
Presenters: Joe Evans, Dennis Mohatt, Rachelle Espiritu, Liza Tupa
Years of research and knowledge of evidence-based practices show that well-designed mental health prevention, treatment, and recovery support efforts are effective and can have multiple benefits for individuals with mental disorders, including serious mental illness. The purpose of the new national Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) Network is technology transfer - disseminating and implementing evidence-based practices for mental disorders into the field. This presentation is a collaboration between the Mountain Plains, Mid-America, and South Southwest MHTTCs.

SAMHSA Issues and Updates for Mental Health Block Grant State Data Reporting and Uses
Presenter: Steven Dettwyler
This presentation will cover SAMHSA State Block Grant best practices, uses, and tips for data collection and reporting. It will also present information on the Block Grant 10% Set Aside for First Episode Psychosis and the ongoing evaluation of 36 of these programs. This presentation is a product of the Mountain Plains MHTTC.

Engaging Stakeholders with Data using Parties and Interactive Games
Presenters: Lee Ann Ratzlaf, Cynthia Killough
Albeit challenging, stakeholder involvement is an essential component to community-based programs. This workshop will discuss experiential learning strategies that promote engagement and encourage participation among stakeholders from various backgrounds. This presentation is a product of the Mountain Plains MHTTC.

Advocating for School Based Mental Health (MP-MHTTC)
Presenters: Stefanie Winfield, MSW; Liza Tupa, PhD
This session will review best practices in school mental health and provide information to effectively advocate for mental health and wellness programming and services, from talking points to funding strategies. This presentation is a product of the Mountain Plains MHTTC.

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