Thomasine and Ethan

North Dakota Suicide Prevention Grant

Publication Date: Sep 19, 2022


Suicide prevention is a topic that we focus on frequently here at the Mountain Plains MHTTC. Those that live in rural areas within our region struggle with accessibility to resources to help them battle mental and behavioral health issues. It is only through important efforts such as these that allow those folks to gain this critical access to crucial resources. This is such good news!

The following is an excerpt from the UND Today blog:

"UND and NORC at the University of Chicago, along with several state government agencies and nonprofit organizations, are partnering on a multi-year, multi-million-dollar suicide prevention grant called North Dakota Healthcare, Opportunity, Prevention, and Education in Suicide prevention (ND HOPES).

ND HOPES will serve disproportionately affected populations in western North Dakota, including rural residents, veterans, and LGBTQ+ youth." 


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