Other Products

The Mountain Plains MHTTC is focused on sharing and providing training, resources, and technical assistance to individuals serving persons with mental health disorders. Here you will find products that were not developed as part of the Mountain Plains MHTTC but that have been identified by the team as valuable resources.

First Episode Psychosis

Wyoming partnered with the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education and Portland State University to present a training series on First Episode Psychosis. Access the recorded webinars here addressing:

  • The Promise and Opportunity of early Psychosis Intervention
  • Learning the early Signs of Psychosis
  • Treating Psychosis Early: Best Practices for Administrators and Clinicians
  • Strategies for Making Early Psychosis Intervention Available in Rural Communities

Suicide Prevention Toolkit

This web-based toolkit contains information and tools to implement state of the art suicide prevention practices and overcome the significant hurdles this life-saving work faces in primary care practices. The toolkit offers the support necessary to establish the primary care provider as one member of a team, fully equipped to reduce suicide risk among their patients.