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Session one: Improving Mental Health Care by Understanding the Culture of Farming and Rural Communities
Collaborating TTC: Great Lakes MHTTC
June 25, 2020

Three-part Series Addressing Mental Health Care in Farming and Rural Communities 

COVID-19 is taking a tremendous toll on farming communities across the U.S., which already faced financial hardships before the pandemic. Now, the agricultural community is grappling with greater levels of uncertainty of what will happen to their livelihood in the coming months and years. The pandemic creates a new set of challenges. 


Session one: Improving Mental Health Care by Understanding the Culture of Farming and Rural Communities

This webinar addressed the mental health crisis and unique stressors caused by COVID-19 within farming and rural/frontier communities. Presenters spoke to the ways health practitioners and community leaders should address stigma, stressors, mental risk factors, and provide treatment resources in these communities. Participants learned about improving mental health engagement and the unique aspects of providing services within these communities while also getting a "boots-on-the-ground" perspective on mental health care for farmers.

  • Monica Kramer McConkey, LPC
  • Kristi Phillips, PsyD


Session two: Approaching and Treating Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders in Farming and Rural Communities

July 2, 2020

This webinar discussed co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders in farming and rural communities. Speakers outlined the prevalence of mental health and substance use co-occurring disorders, linking research to real-world impact of these disorders. Presenters also touched on the impact of COVID-19 within these communities. Participants learned how primary care providers can screen and identify signs and symptoms of co-occurring disorders as well as potential options for treatment plans.


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  • Maridee Shogren, CNM, DNP
  • Rebecca Roller, PsyD, LMFT


Session three: Providing Mental Health Telehealth Services in Farming and Rural Communities

July 9, 2020

11:00 am - 12:00 pm MT

This webinar will address how the COVID-19 pandemic affects access to care, specifically mental health services. Presenters will discuss how access to care is critical for farming and rural and frontier communities and highlight the unique barriers these communities face. Presenters will also provide information about telehealth service and resources, and how best practices developed prior and during the pandemic may provide longer-term solutions to mental health care access for farmers and rural communities. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how telehealth services work and how these services are implemented in real-world settings.


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  • Holly J. Roberts, PhD
  • Deborah C. Baker, JD
  • Stephen Gillaspy, PhD


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