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Special Weekly Series for Tribal Schools as they Reopen Amidst COVID-19

2:00pm - August 20, 2020 | Timezone: US/Central
National American Indian and Alaska Native MHTTC
Registration Deadline: August 20, 2020
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“Throughout their history, tribes have faced numerous and dark challenges, and they have always managed to overcome…It’s been a story of resilience and perseverance.”

— Eric Henson

About the Series:


With schools re-opening just around the corner and many complications still unknown, tribal schools and communities are faced with making very tough decisions about moving forward. The challenge posed by this crisis adds to existing issues present in some Native communities such as teacher shortages and the lack of infrastructure for high speed internet, which further impedes their ability to offer appropriate distance learning programs.  


For teachers, who are held accountable for getting students ready for college or careers, COVID-19 has added to their already jam-packed workloads and responsibilities as we look to them to teach and practice preventative safety measures to avoid any exposure to COVID-19. Some of these added responsibilities will be to ensure and instruct students in effective social distancing, wearing face coverings, and practicing appropriate hygiene. 


For students, school is their most sought-after place to socialize. As students return to school, they will be introduced to another form of socialization at a six-foot distance. Understandably, these changes can lead to confusion, anxiety, and other challenges. 


The MHTTC K-12 program invites the entire school community (students, parents, teachers, counselors, and principals) to our special weekly listening sessions covering topics that are important for you as we go through this new school year together. 


Examples of upcoming session topics: 

  • Hear from other tribal schools as they re-open
  • Is Your School Ready? COVID -19 Toolkit
  • Best Practices in Teaching Hygiene 
  • Self-Care for Teachers
  • What Parents Have to Say
  • Telehealth in Schools 
  • Rise in Mental Outcomes and Crisis Intervention
  • Serving Students with Disabilities
  • Protecting the Health and Safety of Students and Teachers
  • Best Ways to Handle Truancy


This is a weekly, recurring event taking place on Thursdays, beginning August 20 through October 29 at 3-4 EDT . 2-3 CDT . 1-2 MDT . 12-1 PDT . 11-12 ADT. To view upcoming sessions in this series, please visit our Training and Events calendar and select the National American Indian and Alaska Native MHTTC under the Center search field.