Photo of Leadership Academy Mentors, Mentees, and Staff

The Leadership Academy Enhancement Session in Santa Ana Pueblo

Publication Date: Mar 09, 2020

The American Indian and Alaska Native Leadership Academy gathered at the end of February in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico for a successful enhancement session.

The mentees gave inspiring mid-year presentations focusing on the progress of their projects. A few examples are Mashaya Engel, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe’s work on “Importance of Community Involvement”, Jason Butler, Ute Indian Tribe’s presentation called “Integrating Cultural Ideology into Tribal Health Practices”, and Maria C. Molina, Pascua Yaqui Tribe’s talk about the “Men’s Path Program Development and Enhancement.”

We heard Esther Lucero, DinéCEO of Seattle Indian Health Board, and Dr. Annette Squetimkin-Anquoe, ColvilleChief Traditional Health Officer (SIHB) speak about Indigenous Knowledge Informed Systems of Care – how SIHB has integrated the opportunity for traditional health practices into all aspects of their clients’ health care. Dr. Jacque Gray, Choctaw and Cherokee descent, presented on Native Women in Leadership. Dr. Gray discussed important female contributions in Native leadership through history.