Culture: An Integral Part of Mental Health Services

1:00pm - April 27, 2022 thru 5:00pm - April 27, 2022 | Timezone: US/Central
National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC
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AAS Conference (Pre-conference workshop)

 Culture: An Integral Part of Mental Health Services for Hispanics and Latinos is a training curriculum developed by the National Hispanic and Latino Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (NHLMHTTC).  The purpose of this training curriculum is to further develop the skills of mental health providers working with Hispanic and Latino populations, thus reducing disparities in services and improving outcomes.  The training includes information on cultural values and how they may relate to symptom manifestation, help seeking behaviors and therapeutic processes.  Furthermore, the training addresses mental health and risk factors for Hispanic and Latino populations promoting a strength-based approach to treatment, as well as the use of the Cultural Formulation Interview as part of assessment when working with Hispanic and Latino populations. 

The goal of this training is to increase the awareness and enhance the abilities of providers in their use of cultural elements by promoting cultural formulations when treating Hispanics and Latinos with Mental Health Disorders.   


Target Audience

Mental health professionals serving Latino populations 


The specific objectives of the training are to:  

  1. Discuss prevalence of mental health disorders among Latinos and contributing factors. 

  2. Demonstrate the consideration and incorporation of cultural values and cultural idioms of distress when treating Hispanics and Latinos with Mental Health Disorders and other mental health issues.   

  3. Distinguish culture related symptoms and behaviors when diagnosing Hispanic and Latino clients/patients. 

  4. Identify and address mental health risk and protective factors in Hispanic and Latino communities. 

  5. Effectively incorporate strategies to effectively engage, and treat Hispanic and Latino clients, including the Cultural Formulation Interview.