DSM-5 and Cultural Formulation Interview: Considerations for assessment with Latinx Communities

12:00pm - December 16, 2022 | Timezone: US/Eastern
National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC
Registration Deadline: December 16, 2022
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The field of mental health is in a constant revision and evolution of its understanding of wellbeing and illness. In 2013, the APA released the DSM-5, which included updates to the understanding of some conditions and illnesses, as well as the DSM-5 Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI), a standardized method for cultural assessment for use in mental health practice.

In this webinar, participants will learn about the development and use of the CFI. Dr. Lewis-Fernandez will share his experience and reflections on his participation in the process of developing these instruments and changes as well as the ways in which the use of this method can support assessment when working with Latinx communities.

This webinar is presented in partnership with El Futuro.


Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion, participants will: 

  1. Understand the specific definition of culture used in the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) framework
  2. Increase their confidence in their use of the CFI in their work with Latinx individuals and families
  3. Reflect on cultural implications of the use of the DSM-5 with Latinx individuals and communities