Family Therapy for Mental Health Presenting Problems in Hispanic and Latino Adolescents Training of Trainers (ToT)

8:00am - May 3, 2023 thru 4:30pm - May 4, 2023 | Timezone: US/Eastern
Collaborating TTC: Northeast & Caribbean MHTTC

United States

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This training of trainer’s is designed for therapists who wish to learn more about how family therapy can become an effective and efficient tool in their therapy toolbox, particularly when treating presenting problems in Hispanic and Latino youth. Part of being culturally informed is having our eyes and ears open to the experiences and motivations of Hispanic and Latino families while enhancing their abilities to buffer the adverse effects of immigration, acculturation stress, social stressors and discrimination many commonly face. Because family dynamics can be so powerful, proper training in family- level assessments and interventions are essential to address such factors.

This training of trainers is not a formal training on a specific evidence-based treatment but is meant to familiarize the therapist with the basics of family therapy and its clinical utility when addressing the needs of with Hispanic and Latino youth and their families. With that in mind, family processes are presented in the training which are considered important in the treatment of mental health issues and key components of family approaches, including:  

  • Developing a systemic conceptualization.

  • The engagement of reluctant family members

  • Juggling multiple therapeutic alliances

  • Reshaping conflictual and/or disengaged relationships into adaptive and supportive ones.


Trainers: Daniel Santisteban Ph.D & Melissa Gutierrez M.S.Ed.

Private event, by invitation only.