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Hispanic Heritage Month is Over, Now What Unpacking What it Means to Work with Latinx Clients
April 8, 2020

Every year we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and make strides to helping the broader U.S. society learn more about Hispanics as a group. This is important and we should continue to do so. But to truly begin to impact the health and mental health inequities impacting Latinx, we must go beyond the three F’s that characterize heritage months: food, fun, and festival. We need to better understand the significant differences in the very diverse Latinx community, from generational, linguistic, and acculturation differences among various Latinx subgroups, to geographic differences across the U.S. We must also truly understand that being Latinx is not sufficient to effectively work with Latinx communities, and that non-Latinx providers, who are the majority of providers, can learn to work effectively with the Latinx community. This 1-hour webinar targeted to Latinx and non-Latinx providers will help us begin to “unpack” Latinx diversity and discuss what this diversity means for service provision in health and behavioral health.