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unaccompanied minors
Unaccompanied Children and Families Seeking Asylum: Traumatic Effects on Children’s Attachment and Reunification
March 30, 2021


The appearance of unaccompanied minors and children with parents from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras seeking asylum in the United States is not a new phenomenon. It has existed for decades as their countries spiraled into unlivable violence, poverty, and governmental and police inaction. To develop interventions and establish services for these children alone and those in family units, we must understand the traumatic forces that propel their migration and the trauma that is suffered along the way, including in US custody. This webinar presents the plight of Central American children and parents who spent time in immigration detention centers after fleeing their countries and transiting through Mexico. The effects of the family separation policy of 2018 and the “Migrant Protection Protocols,” better known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy are discussed in the context of the effects on children’s attachment reactions and family reunification. Interventions and services for these children and families after their release are discussed. Warning: The webinar includes pictures and videos of violence and children’s reactions to separation that may be disturbing to some viewers.