Children & School Mental Health

Youth & School Mental Health


We work with clinicians, educators, administrators, advocates, youth, families, and others to promote resilience and support the mental health of youth across a variety of settings


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School Mental Health

Through our School Mental Health Initiative, we develop and disseminate evidence-based resources to enhance school culture and prepare the school mental health workforce to extend trauma-skilled practices. Our efforts are designed to help schools cultivate compassionate school communities that buffer against the negative effects of trauma, build resilience for all students, and provide stress-relief and enhanced well-being for teachers and other school personnel, as well as students.


Program Highlights and Upcoming Events
Is your school trauma-skilled? Join our complimentary online events designed to strengthen mental health supports that address the needs of children who have experienced/are at risk of experiencing significant trauma. 

Visit our Virtual Training Library to select a learning track and drive professional development activities as you/your colleagues begin or extend your journey toward compassionate school mental health practices that support school staff, students, families, and the wider school community.


HEART Collective

Our HEART Collective works to enhance collaborations between community health centers, mental and behavioral health agencies, or community-based organizations and schools to support positive mental health and well-being for youth in a school-based setting. Learn more.


Ways to Engage: Join the C-TLC

Through the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative (C-TLC), educators and behavioral health professionals working with youth in schools and/or agencies or nonprofit organizations gain access to evidence-based mental health resources to enhance their awareness of childhood trauma and related neurobiological implications. Join now to access free mental health resources, networking opportunities, and peer support to the workforce supporting student and staff mental health and well-being.