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Webinar: Youth Suicide - Early Detection of Warning Signs and Identifying Risk Factors
August 15, 2019

Maureen A. Brogan, LPC, DRCC, BCETS, ACS is the Program Manager for the NJ Statewide Traumatic Loss Coalition. The Traumatic Loss Coalitions for Youth Program (TLC) at Rutgers - University Behavioral Health Care is New Jersey's primary youth suicide prevention program funded by the NJ Department of Children and Families. The dual mission of the TLC is excellence in suicide prevention and trauma response assistance to youth serving organizations following unfortunate losses due to suicide, homicide, accident, and illness. Maureen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Approved Clinical Supervisor, as well as a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress (BCETS), a Diplomate of the National Center for Crisis Management, and the American Academy of Experts in Trauma. She is a Master Trainer in the evidence-based practice of suicide prevention, Question Persuade Refer. She is a certified Talk Saves Lives trainer for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and the assistant producer of Signs Matter: Early Detection online suicide prevention training for educators. Maureen is also the co-chair of the New Jersey Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Council. 


Webinar Description:

Suicide is a complex issue and usually an intimidating topic to talk about. This webinar is an introduction to suicide prevention for school personnel. It will inform participants of recent trends in youth suicide and the potential “red flags” at various age and grade levels. Resources to support youth will be presented and provided.


Recording of Webinar

Power Point Slides for Webinar

List of Resources Discussed in Webinar