School Mental Health

Students walking


Supplemental funding was awarded to the MHTTC to provide training and technical assistance to teachers and school staff regarding mental health services for students. These trainings will:

  • Enhance understanding of the importance of mental health service provision in schools
  • Develop capacity for school staff to recognize and identify mental health concerns in students 
  • Provide training in best models of school-based mental health services
  • Inform about resources and linking, as needed, to community-based services

The Northeast Caribbean MHTTC is partnering with the University of Maryland, Center for School Mental Health to facilitate online assessments to determine areas of strength and needed growth that can contribute to the development of a strategic quality improvement plan for a state, district, or school regarding their capacity to address the mental health needs of students. If you are interested in having your state, district, or school assessed please contact the MHTTC at

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