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All Patients Safe: Suicide Prevention for Medical Professionals in Alaska
Collaborating TTC: Northwest MHTTC
May 22, 2019

The Northwest MHTTC is partnering to provide All Patients Safe training to a part of the region's workforce specifically based on the rates and prevalence of suicide.Photo of Juneau, Alaska

Suicide is a silent epidemic and public health crisis.  In the US, suicide is a more common cause of death than breast cancer, prostate cancer, or traffic fatalities. 

In 2014 the rate of Alaska Native males that died by suicide was nearly four times the national average.

All Patients Safe provides the necessary tools to medical providers to understand their role in suicide prevention by teaching them how to:

•    Integrate screening and assessment tools into their practice
•    Educate patients on keeping homes safe
•    Refer patients to additional resources
•    Follow up with those at risk for suicide

Medical professionals can make an enormous impact!