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More than a DSM Code: Addressing Stigma Experienced by Families | Podcast
June 5, 2023



Carol Dickey joins us to discuss how the stigma attached to mental health disorders is entrenched within the child-serving systems and extends to the family members of children living with complex behavioral health challenges.


Carol Dickey, MBA, MS 

Carol DickeyCarol Dickey is a parent of five children and a passionate advocate for behavioral health system transformation through elevation of the family voice and an interaction over intervention approach to service delivery. Drawing on more than three decades of experience in health-services administration and agency leadership, her advocacy efforts are driven by her family’s experiences within the child-serving systems. They are inspired by the stories of frustration, hurt, and helplessness shared by countless families so often forced to survive in crisis.



Christina N. Clayton, LICSW, SUDP, Northwest MHTTC Co-Director

NW Clayton

Christina Clayton has been working in the behavioral health field since 1993 working with people and programs addressing severe mental health issues, substance use, co-occurring issues, chronic homelessness, integrated care, outreach, physical health, trauma and diversity/equity/inclusion topics. Christina has education and licenses/credentials in clinical social work, mental health and substance use.  She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor and Field Instructor for the University of Washington School of Social Work (MSW ’97).  Learn more about MHTTC Staff & Faculty




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