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Putting It Together: Transgender Mental Health | Podcast
February 22, 2022



Healthcare and mental health systems have a long history of pathologizing and marginalizing people who identify as transgender. In this episode, we speak with Ryan Tieu, who brings their professional experience as a social worker and lived experiences as a first-generation immigrant, queer, transgender, and young person of color. 


Ryan Kim Tieu

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Ryan Kim Tiêu is an Associate Clinical Social Worker, former Executive and Mental Health Director at the Gender Health Center, a grassroots nonprofit staffed by and providing mental health, healthcare, and advocacy services for queer and transgender community members in Sacramento, CA.


Christina N. Clayton, LICSW, SUDP, Northwest MHTTC Co-Director

NW Clayton

Christina Clayton has been working in the behavioral health field since 1993 working with people and programs addressing severe mental health issues, substance use, co-occurring issues, chronic homelessness, integrated care, outreach, physical health, trauma and diversity/equity/inclusion topics. Christina has education and licenses/credentials in clinical social work, mental health and substance use.  She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor and Field Instructor for the University of Washington School of Social Work (MSW ’97).  Learn more about MHTTC Staff & Faculty




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