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Community Re-entry training for Peer Specialists

9:00am - May 20, 2019
South Southwest MHTTC

Holiday Inn
3201 Bankhead Dr
Little Rock, AR 72206
United States

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Via Hope is providing a peer training specifically for formerly incarcerated individuals. This training is designed to directly address the significant barriers to becoming a whole person; this includes employment and other reentry barriers that many people face after release from incarceration. The emphasis on the trauma individuals experience before, during, and after incarceration is a significant distinction from other training models. There is also an emphasis on the Freedom vs. Release perspective. The Reentry Peer Specialist credential will also offer formerly incarcerated individuals an opportunity to further their own recovery while providing support and hope to other people who may be trying to find their own way through reentry and recovery. The core learning objectives of this training will engage participant’s self-exploration relative to: (1) Recovery from a Reentry Perspective, (2) Trauma – 3 types, (3) Recidivism Intervention, (4) What it Means to be a Peer Specialist, and (5) Maintaining a Whole Person Perspective.