Nadia Maynard

Meet the Team: Nadia Maynard, Senior Field Trainer Analyst

Publication Date: Feb 26, 2020


My name is Nadia K. Maynard and I am the Senior Field Trainer Analyst at the South Southwest MHTTC. I joined the MHTTC team in the later part of 2019. I am a social worker and a Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional. I have worked in the field of trauma for 15 years, specifically working with immigrant, refugee, and asylum-seeking survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and/or trafficking. I have also worked in the field of organizational development, equity and inclusion, integrated care, as well as early childhood and children’s mental health, all with a lens for implementing trauma-informed and healing-centered practices.

During my time with the MHTTC I have been engaged in developing tools and resources for the mental health workforce in the area of implementing trauma-informed practices throughout and across systems and contexts. Research on trauma has been clear — exposure to trauma is directly linked to long-term health conditions. As such, I see this work as primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention work, which is critical to addressing health outcomes and health inequities. In recent years the discussions around adverse childhood experiences have revisited and highlighted the need for trauma-informed care. However, the implementation of such practices has been fraught with challenges. I hope to provide technical assistance support, coaching, and consultation, while developing effective tools and resources to address the challenges of implementing trauma-informed, healing-centered practices in service delivery systems.

Throughout the year, I anticipate supporting work in the form of webcasts and tools that covers the intersections of trauma, organizational development, immigrant/refugee populations, integrated care, and children’s mental health.  I am also a certified Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid instructor and will be providing training throughout the region as requested.

I am an eager collaborator with a deep commitment to making space and elevating voices with lived experience. I am thankful for being a small part of a team that supports a critical workforce in our communities.