OK Prison Sentence Commutations Demonstrates Need for Upcoming South Southwest MHTTC Criminal Justice Trainings

Publication Date: Dec 05, 2019

This fall, the governor of Oklahoma commuted over 500 individuals’ sentences, marking the largest single-commutation in American history. The act of clemency applied to individuals convicted of a non-violent offense. The governor’s orders come at the heels of Oklahoma reclassifying certain minor felonies as misdemeanors in 2016.

All this, though great news for criminal justice reform advocates, begs the question: what happens next? How can we support these individuals re-entering the community? What can we provide to prevent recidivism?

The South Southwest MHTTC is dedicating efforts to training and technical assistance for professionals, individuals with lived experience, and other stakeholders in the behavioral health supports that are necessary at each stage in the criminal justice process to promote rehabilitation and successful re-entry.

The program will provide trainings that bolster resources to improve behavioral health, and discuss the various ways our communities can help divert individuals out of the criminal justice system – no matter the phase of the process the individual is in. The series will begin on December 13th with a webinar on Via Hope’s Reentry Peer Specialist Program, which emphasizes the importance of implementing support from individuals with lived experience in the rehabilitation process.


The Criminal Justice Continuum

CJ Continuum
The South Southwest MHTTC criminal justice trainings cover various points along the continuum shown above. This image will be used in all upcoming programming to indicate what stage on the continuum the training material is covering.



Webinar Information

Recovery After Incarceration: The Role of Peers in the Reentry Process

December 13th, 2019

12:00 – 1:30pm

Registration link:


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