Sarri Gilman

Working Well Series with Renowned Speaker Sarri Gilman, LMFT

Publication Date: Jan 12, 2021

These times have been crushing for those on the front lines of health care, mental health services, social work, and human services. The pandemic has brought a swell of needs while other significant traumatic needs continue to require attention.

That’s why The South Southwest Mental Health Technology Training Center (MHTTC) is hosting Working Well: A Series of Workshops with Sarri Gilman, LMFT.

“Sarri Gilman is an renowned, engaging speaker and her message of self-care and resilience brings hope during these difficult times,” says Jennifer Baran-Prall, Program Administrator for MHTTC. “It is an exceptional opportunity to spend time with a truly genuine and engaging facilitator whose focus is on strengthening the well-being of others.”

Webinars begin on Friday, January 29th and feature topics related to mental health, wellness, and self-care during times of overwhelm in the workplace.

This non-sequential, six-workshop series is free to attend. Participants are welcome to attend from one to all six sessions.

Gilman is a psychotherapist, TEDx speaker, workshop presenter, and author. She teaches Overwhelm Recovery for Healthcare and Human Service Providers. She is the author of Transform Your Boundaries, Naming and Taming Overwhelm for Healthcare and Human Services Providers, and The Mystery of Knowing Journal. Gilman has 20 years of non-profit leadership experience, and has been in private practice for 35 years in her community on Whidbey Island, WA.

Upon attending and completing a webinar, participants will be awarded one Continuing Education Unit (CEU). Shortly after the final webinar on March 5th, recorded webinars will be available to view without CEU credit on the South Southwest MHTTC website. The webinars denoted with an asterisk (*) will not be recorded.

Registration is open now. Sign up at no cost using the link for each session.


Topics in this series for health care, mental health, and human services professionals are as follows:

Naming and Taming the Overwhelm During the Pandemic | January 29th 11am-12pm CST

A webinar presentation to help us understand the impact of widespread overwhelm in the healthcare, mental health, and human services fields. This webinar will acknowledge the effects of historical, intergeneration, racial, institutional, climate, political, and pandemic trauma.

Working with Others Who Are Overwhelmed | February 5th, 11am-12pm CST

A webinar presentation about protecting your well-being while working with and caring for overwhelmed colleagues and clients.

Sharing Experiences, Stories and Meaning Through These Times | February 12th, 11am-12pm*

Participants will have the opportunity to share about what has been overwhelming during the pandemic. Sarri Gilman, LMFT facilitates an open forum for sharing experiences, stories and meaning. (*This session will not be recorded.)

Developing and Supporting the Boundaries You Need | February 19th, 11am-12pm CST

A webinar presentation to learn the steps of boundary development, how culture shapes boundaries, and how to become a boundaries expert in your life.

Trauma & Secondary Trauma: Caring for Yourself and Others | February 26th, 11am-12pm

A webinar presentation focused on caring for yourself and others experiencing trauma. This webinar will help you: recognize what puts you at risk of secondary trauma, learn the difference between overwhelm with trauma and without, understand how to listen for trauma, and more.

Coping and Self-Care through Trauma | March 5th, 11am-12pm CST*

Sarri Gilman, LMFT facilitates an open forum to discuss what coping and self-care look like for you in the face of trauma and secondary trauma. What is necessary and essential for you? (*This session will not be recorded.)