South Southwest MHTTC Peer Support Workforce Project


Selected Products & Resources

Hotline Peer Specialist Integration: Preliminary Considerations for Equity and Sustainability

Authors Kirill Staklo (he/him) and Nze Okoronta (they/them) provide an overview of the necessary information for the integration of Peer Specialists in hotline programming for equity and sustainability. Topics include: Intro to the Peer Role, Medical trauma and minority stress, Hotline work: How is it different?, Informed consent and harm reduction, Best practices in service establishment and training, and further resources.


Recurrence of Use and Peer Certification Boards' Rights and Responsibilities

The South Southwest MHTTC hosted Lyn Legere, MS who presented during our Peer Support Advisory Committee for Region 6 on Recurrence of Use and Peer Certification Boards' Rights and Responsibilities. This presentation focused on helping to clarify roles when supporting the Peer Workforce regarding recurrence of use.


What is Peer Support? New Supervisor Information

This interactive presentation was facilitated on March 17, 2022 by Rita Cronise and Gita Enders.  In this presentation, you will learn about the origin and values of peer support, the introduction and inclusion of peer support services in traditional service settings, the role of the supervisor in helping peer staff to remain true to peer support values, and some best practices for supervisors of this unique workforce. After the presentation, participants will be able to: Describe mutual support and the core values of peer support Compare clinical services with non-clinical peer support Communicate the benefits of supervisors who have experience as peer support workers Utilize best practices in the supervision of peer support workers.