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Kentucky School Mental Health Leadership Academy

Publication Date: Aug 07, 2020

Kentucky School Mental Health Leadership Academy

Thursday, August 6th at 9 AM - 1 PM

Meeting Goal: To equip state and district school mental health leaders in Kentucky with best practices, quality indicators, and resources to assess and strategically advance components of their comprehensive school mental health system.


Pre-Work: Three brief, recorded webinars were distributed prior to the meeting for attendees to view at their convenience.  This allowed participants to access the didactic content of the meeting at their convenience and was intended to ensure the virtual meeting time on Zoom would  be reserved for active participation.


Virtual Meeting: Participants were given opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussion and strategic planning about the learning materials during the virtual meeting. The virtual meeting began with a 90-minute session for all attendees to briefly review and discuss pre-work webinars.  Next, each team met in a virtual breakout room to engage in strategic action planning with a facilitator. Each group was given a strategic planning guide to utilize during their breakout session and create a goal for their group to encourage continued collaboration. 


Learning Objectives: 

1) Learn how to assess and improve the structure and function of school mental health teams. 

2) Increase familiarity with national resources to advance comprehensive school mental health. 

3) Engage in strategic planning to advance school mental health.