Trauma-Sensitive Classroom Training held in Panama City, FL

Publication Date: Mar 12, 2020

On March 8th, 2020, The Southeast MHTTC School Supplement Team funded a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom Training in Panama City, FL. The goal of this training was to prepare volunteers to join educators and other school staff in a Trauma-Informed Student Support Strategies for Educators training and then facilitate use of strategies in the classroom and other school spaces. The objectives of this training were to 1. Orient facilitators to their role and the purpose of the project this week, 2. Review and discuss educator training materials, and 3. Prepare facilitators for effective, responsive classroom facilitation. Topics covered during the training included a background session on Hurricane Michael, a Trauma-Informed Schools overview, a Trauma-sensitive classroom review session regarding both proactive and responsive strategies for educators, and a section on assembling supply kits.