Healing School Communities in the Context of Faith-Based Bullying - Session 2

How might we grow (in our practice and policies)?

This learning session is the second of two in the series Healing School Communities in the Context of Faith-Based Bullying, intended for students, families, educators, and school mental health professionals who are navigating the ongoing impact of faith-based bullying on student and staff mental health. Each 1.5 hour learning session features a moderator who will engage advocates, leaders and the school mental health workforce in a conversation that focuses on:

  1. Navigating discussions which are grounded in advancing belonging and preventing/intervening in faith-based bullying both in and out of school;
  2. Elevating strategies for communicating and engaging in the ongoing work to support the mental health of students and school mental health professionals which are grounded in community wisdom and build upon protective factors, both in and out of school;
  3. Developing spaces which engender opportunities for the field to improve its commitment to fostering a workforce ready, able and willing to hold faith-based bullying as a mental health issue in a way that is founded in community strengths and wisdom while supporting and building protective factors.
  4. Introducing a set of tools to navigate this moment while minimizing more harm.

Priming resources:

We have curated a list of MHTTC and external resources that detail strategies to address Islamophobia and antisemitism, the effects of Islamophobia and antisemitism on students and schools, and ways to support affected students and staff. Access our priming resources here!

Starts: Jul 25, 2024 11:00 am
Ends: Jul 25, 2024 12:30 pm
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July 25, 2024
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