Responding to Bias and Discrimination in Schools

Event Description

Recent data from the FBI indicates that over 30% of hate crimes against youth victims occur at school. In this interactive workshop, we will explore how bias, discriminatory behaviors, and identity-based bullying surfaces in schools from covert (perhaps even unintentional) behaviors, like microaggressions, to egregious ones, like hate crimes. These behaviors occur on a continuum that coincides with the dehumanization of individuals based on their identity, culture, or characteristics. However, they can be addressed proactively through fostering a culture of belonging, and they can be responded to effectively through individual and systemic follow-up when biased behavior occurs. Join this workshop to better understand our current context of bias and discrimination in schools, learn about individual sentence stems and systemic interventions to address biased language and behavior, and dedicate some time to actually practicing and integrating your learning into your plans for the next school year. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand our current context of bias and discrimination in schools
  • Learn about individual sentence stems to address biased language and behavior
  • Learn about systemic interventions to foster a culture of belonging
  • Practice and integrate your learning into your plans for the next school year


Dr. Rana Razzaque

Dr. Rana Razzaque’s commitment to improving opportunity, access, and inclusion for all children has driven her educational and professional journey. This commitment has deepened over time due to her own lived experiences and the continuous learning she seeks out on a variety of topics related to equity and inclusion, the persistent disparities for marginalized communities, and the deep need to build understanding and empathy through courageous conversations with people from multiple perspectives. Rana was born in Bangladesh, raised in Maryland, spent her adolescence in Texas, and spent a couple ofyears in Arizona before moving to Denver in 2011. In the warmer months, you might find Rana hiking with her husband, Rob, and her dog Eeyore. She also loves reading (especially fiction and poetry), trying out new recipes to cook, going to concerts, boxing, and indoor rock climbing (even though she is afraid of heights). 

Starts: Aug 14, 2024 10:00 am
Ends: Aug 14, 2024 11:30 am
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August 14, 2024
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