Measure for Measure: An Overview of “The National Model Standards for Peer Support Certification" (Session 1)

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The National Model Standards for Peer Support Certification” is the first substantive document on peer support published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration since the 2015 landmark publication of “SAMHSA’s Core Competencies for Peer Workers in Behavioral Health Services.” A lot has changed (as evidenced by the depth and breadth of the content areas packed into the 35 pages of the Standards); and all but one state now have state-run or state-endorsed peer certification programs.

For those without an extensive formal training in behavioral health or experience reading federal policy, the Standards, while exciting as movement forward, can be nonetheless confusing, intimidating, and challenging. In this 3-part series we plan to make the Standards more understandable to the people and organizations providing peer support on both the macro level (What is a national standard, and does it impact me and my work?) and the micro level (What are the five Pillars of Peer Support Supervision and what happens if my state only adopts four of them as certification requirements?). Subject knowledge experts will be joining us throughout the series, but the focus will remain on the peer perspective.

The first session, held on July 29 (1-2:30pm ET), will be an overview of the 11 standards and introduction to a matrix that groups can use to determine their compliance with the standards and whether or not the standards apply to their state/organization. Then we will do a deep dive into the two standards that have generated the most discussion among the stakeholders we have been in contact with since the release of the standards in 2023. The second session, held on August 5 (1-2:30pm ET), will review Standard 7: Recovery. For the third session, held on August 12 (1-2:30pm ET) facilitators will discuss Standard 11: Peer Supervision.

  • At the end of Session 1, participants will be able to:
  1. Define what National Model Standards are generally, including whether they are mandated under federal law, can states tie funding to them, is there a timeline for their implementation, etc.
  2. Describe the purpose and/or goal of each of the 11 standards
  3. Describe the purpose of the matrix, and when and how it should be used.

To learn more or register for additional sessions in the series, please visit here.

Starts: Jul 29, 2024 1:00 pm
Ends: Jul 29, 2024 2:30 pm
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July 29, 2024
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