April 16, 2020 - April 16, 2020 | Webinar/Virtual Training

Supervision of Peer Providers: Effective Supervision of Peers by Non-Peer Supervisors

Recovery from SMI has been studied and documented by researchers, practitioners, and individuals with lived experience around the world and

February 19, 2020 - February 19, 2020 | Presentation

Foundations of Comprehensive School Mental Health

At the South Dakota National Association of Social Workers conference , Stefanie Winfield will present on the National School Mental Health

March 14, 2020 - March 14, 2020 | Presentation

Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Primary Care Practices: Pediatric Presentation

At the Montana Pediatric Mental Health Symposium , Dr. Liza Tupa will present on using the Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Primary Care Practices

March 11, 2020 - March 11, 2020 | Face-to-Face Training

Mental Health Literacy and Social Emotional Well-Being

Sarah Nielsen, PhD, OTR/L will provide an overview of mental health literacy and the relationship of social-emotional well-being on academic

How a Program Can Help Students Re-enter School After a Mental Health Crisis

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Brookline Center partners with school systems to support the development and execution of the Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition (BRYT) programs. The BRYT programs help students return to school after extended mental health-related absences. The center helps schools recognize possible funding sources to connect students with the appropriate resources. Ninety percent of BRYT students are on target to graduate, and their attendance levels have increased from 52% to over 80% following program implementation.

March 10, 2020 - March 10, 2020 |

Western Nebraska School Mental Health Conference

The objective of the Western Nebraska School Mental Health Conference is to support school counselors and those who work with youth in the areas

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