Bring on the Fear! Maximizing Exposure in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders for Youth

This workshop introduces the dominant theoretical model of anxiety disorders and the best-established treatment: exposure-based CBT. Strategies for making the most of exposures to achieve optimal outcomes for anxious youth will be illustrated, and practical application discussed. The training will include didactics, experiential activities, video modeling and behavioral rehearsal of exposure strategies.







Dr. Sarah Kate Bearman

Sarah Kate Bearman’s research focuses on the dissemination and implementation of empirically supported practices (ESPs) for underserved youth in community settings. Her research examines the processes and contexts that promote and support the effective use and sustainability of ESPs, with particular focus on treatment redesign, training and supervision, and the use of non-traditional providers and settings to increase ESP access. Bearman also has many years of experience in the development, testing, and dissemination of effective treatments for youth. She provides both clinical supervision and national trainings for therapists in the use of empirically supported practices for anxiety, depression, disruptive conduct and traumatic stress.

August 2, 2023
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