The Positionality Project Slide Deck

Positionality refers to the social positions we hold in our society that influence how we interact with the world. As mental health providers, researchers, and advocates, our social positions influence our approach to our work and reflection on positionality can allow us to identify our limitations and advance equity. The Positionality Project at the South Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) aims to provide resources for the mental health workforce in Region 6 to understand integrate positionality into their work. This slide deck is available for download to share education about positionality with your audience. Please feel free to use or remove slides as appropriate for your audience. Please clearly note any changes you make to slides as your own work versus that of the South Southwest MHTTC. Included in the slide deck are slides that cover: what positionality is, a metaphor explaining positionality, myths and facts about positionality, why positionality is important, an example of how a researcher may apply positionality, a model for applying positionality, and guiding questions for developing your own positionality statement. Terms to know are provided at the end of the slide deck. We hope that this slide deck allows you to share the benefits of positionality with your audience!

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