Webinar: The Latinx LGBT+ Community: The consequences of Intersectionality and the Use of the Affirmative Model for Latinx Populations



Stress is a common factor in our society that affects and impacts us daily. For marginalized communities, the stress factor increases. For decades, the LGBT+ community has been a marginalized and stigmatized by the State. For Latinxs being part of an ethnic minority increases the stress factor. This webinar will discuss the Minority Stress Model as it describes the excessive stress to which individuals of stigmatized social categories are exposed as a result of their social position, and its impact on mental health. Furthermore, the presenter will address how Latinx cultural values can shape the coping mechanisms used to manage these stressors. The presentation will discuss the LGBTQ+ Affirmative Model as a recommended approach to work with Latinx LGBTQ+ communities with mental health challenges. This model works mainly with the acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity / expression of the person served and requires that mental health professionals have the knowledge and sensitivity necessary to work with the community.

June 23, 2021
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