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Region 10 | Training Launch: Violence Risk Assessment & Management in Community Mental Health Settings

Publication Date: Jun 04, 2019

What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know

The Northwest MHTTC recognizes that concerns about violence risk frequently arise in clinical settings. There is often confusion among providers about the boundaries of confidentiality, when and how to invoke their professional obligation to protect or warn third parties, and how to balance therapeutics and public safety.

Therefore, the Northwest MHTTC is launching Violence Risk Assessment & Management, a self-paced e-learning course that provides the necessary tools for clinicians to assess, manage, and stabilize threats of violence by teaching:

  • Boundaries of confidentiality
  • Clinicians’ duty to warn or protect potential victims
  • Proven methods to assess and manage the risk of violence

Each self-paced training module includes:

  • Real case vignettes
  • A 3-item assessment to guide your learning
  • Interactive practical exercises with feedback


  • Dr. Sarah Kopelovich, a forensic clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine based at Harborview Medical Center 
  • Dr. Katherine Michaelsen, a forensic psychiatrist at the Puget Sound Veterans Administration and Acting Assistant Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Dr. Tobias Wasser, a forensic psychiatrist at Whiting Forensic Hospital and Assistant Professor at Yale University School of Medicine


3.0 Hours Certificate of Completion available! Please view the complete training flyer on the Northwest MHTTC webpage here for more information on how to register.