2022 Advancing School Mental Health Conference - MHTTC Sessions

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The MHTTC Network will be presenting five sessions at the Virtual 2022 Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, hosted by the National Center for School Mental Health! Be sure to also visit our virtual exhibit.


Developing and Implementing Classroom WISE: A Mental Health Literacy Training Package for Educators and School Personnel

Developing and disseminating effective educator and school personnel training packages does not necessarily lead to their use and implementation. This session will demonstrate Classroom WISE, a free 3-part package (online course, video series, resource library) focused on educator mental health literacy, and present evaluation results for the package and a technical assistance project that examines differences in uptake of the Classroom WISE based on the level of implementation support.


Expecting the Unexpected: Crisis Planning in Schools

Schools face many barriers to implementing effective crisis planning, often resulting in waiting for a crisis to occur before preparing. We can control how we support students with effective and comprehensive crisis planning. The Mid-America MHTTC will share data on the impact of a year-long crisis planning learning community, including satisfaction ratings and growth from pre- to post-assessment. Participants will develop knowledge of best practices and access to free resources.


Project AWARE Technical Assistance: Identifying Needs Accelerating Implementation of School Mental Health Services

The SAMHSA-funded Project AWARE program builds or expands the capacity of State and local educational agencies to implement school mental health services. This session will describe efforts by the Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) Network to identify key challenges and needs and provide technical assistance to accelerate the work of Project AWARE grantees.


The Nebraska School Mental Health Project: Implementing and Supporting State-Wide School Mental Health Systems

In order to address the ever-growing wellbeing needs of students and educators in the state, the Nebraska Department of Education’s (NDE) Office of Coordinated Student Support Services partnered with the Mid-America MHTTC to implement the Nebraska School Mental Health Project. The Project included funding, training, technical assistance to Educational Service Units across Nebraska in implementing Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems. Satisfaction and knowledge data from training and lessons learned will be presented.


Tier 1 for Educator Well-being: How the Adult Resilience Curriculum Can Transform “Self-care” Initiatives in Schools

Teaching ranks as one of the most stressful occupations in the United States, especially in recent times. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to improve educator well-being. The Mid-America MHTTC utilizes the research-supported Adult Resilience Curriculum (ARC) to provide strategies at the individual- and systems-level that enhance educator well-being. Data and lessons learned from a training-of-trainers series will be discussed.


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