About the National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC


National Hispanic and Latino MHTTC

The NHL-MHTTC will serve as a key subject matter expert and resource for workforce and community development across the U.S. and its territories to ensure that high-quality, effective mental health treatment and recovery support services, and evidence-based and promising practices are available to help reduce health disparities among Hispanics and Latinos experiencing mental disorders, in particular, those with serious mental illness.



The mission of the National Hispanic and Latino Mental Health Technology Transfer Center is to provide high-quality training and technical assistance to improve the capacity of the workforce serving the Hispanic and Latino communities in prevention, treatment, and recovery for behavioral health. We disseminate and support the implementation of evidence-based and promising practices to enhance service delivery, promote the growth of a diverse, culturally competent workforce, and bridge access to quality behavioral health services. We are committed to increase health equity and access to effective culturally and linguistically grounded approaches.




Serve as the national subject matter expert and a key resource for the workforce providing mental health prevention, treatment and recovery support services in order to reduce health disparities among Hispanic and Latino populations.


Our Goals

  • Heighten the awareness, knowledge, and skills of the workforce to address the needs of Latinos living with mental illness.
  • Accelerate the adoption and implementation of mental health-related evidence-based and promising practices.
  • Foster regional and national alliances among culturally diverse practitioners, researchers, policymakers, family members, and consumers of mental health services.
  • Ensure the availability and delivery of publicly available, free-of-charge training and technical assistance to the mental health field providing services for Hispanics and Latinos.
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